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A YouTube Introduction


Prediction Markets (PMs) can be confusing. Even people who work in Finance have often never even heard of them.

In my intro paper ( I linked to a number of videos designed to make the education process relatively painless:

1. John Stossel gives an introduction, The Stossel Show, (4:13).

2. Neil deGrasse Tyson sketches out the general idea, Real Time with Bill Maher, (1:22).

3. InTrade and the 2008 Presidential Election, CNBC, (2:22).

4. CEO of InTrade on Elections and Recessions, Kudlow Report, (4:06).

5. News segment on PMs, The Stossel Show, (8:31).

These are great videos.  This idea goes so much deeper though.  New videos about Truthcoin itself need to be made.

This is indeed a great collection. I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson one before and he always amuses me.


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